Monday to Thursday 9-5pm EST.   Friday 9-1pm EST

Plus any scheduled training and events

Click the door to accept these engagement agreements and access the Virtual Workspace.  

Someone will greet you and show you around.

  1. I agree to be courteous even if I don't feel like it
  2. I agree to wear a shirt even if I don't feel like it
  3. I agree to let Triad know if I have any compliments or concerns so that they can respond right away
  4. I agree to be curious about how impactful this working arrangement can be for me
  5. I agree to be my brilliant self and celebrate the brilliance of others

Are you in heartfelt agreement? Then CLICK the BIG BLUE DOOR to enter.

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You've found it!

The Big Blue Door is Triad's Virtual Workspace. 

Big Blue Door Member Benefits

The Lobby

When you click the Big Blue Door, it will take you to our Zoom lobby, where you will be welcomed by our Magnificent Reception Person. Schedule your events or meeting in your personalized meeting room.

Big Blue Door Community and Magazine

Stay connected, continue the conversation in the Big Blue Door Community. Join topic-specific groups, connect and collaborate with others, follow-up and get resources from clinics.  Create your own kitchen party

And Much More ...

Clinics and Work Parties

Join expert-led clinics on topics relevant to your business and your life and host your own. Come to our Work Parties to work in community and move your projects forward with positive small-a accountability. 

New to Triad and our Virtual Workspace? 

Sign up to find out more, stay in the loop about upcoming events, and to receive an invite to join the Big Blue Door Community - our free membership site.

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There a few cool things that happen when you trust us with your name and email. 

Firstly, we tuck your personal info away and keep it to ourselves. Privacy matters.

Secondly, we enrol you in an amazing 8am email so the link to the virtual workspace is handy.

Finally, we send you an invite for the Big Blue Door Community so can stay connected. 

Change your preferences at any time.

Where am I going when I click on the Big Blue Door

The Triad Virtual Workspace is hosted on Zoom. When you arrive, you will be in the lobby. Someone will greet you to show you around. If you are a returning guest or member, once you check-in, go ahead and make yourself at home.

Do I need to have the Zoom application installed?

That depends. If you are a guest, then our Magnificent Reception Person is able to place you directly into the meeting room you need. The Zoom desktop or mobile application ((Version5.3.0 or higher or ChromeOS version 5.0.0 or higher), is required to move yourself between the rooms in our virtual office. Resource:

What do I get as a member?

You have full access to the Big Blue Door Virtual Workspace and Community including personalized meeting rooms, your own group, and personalized virtual backgrounds. Access to all paid and free clinics and ongoing access to our clinic archive. Opportunities to be featured in our magazine and as a clinic host and coupons and discounts for trainings and courses. And so much more ... CLICK for more information.

Can I get a guest pass to try it out before I subscribe?

Absolutely! Think about us like the gym membership you will actually use! Ask the receptionist or another member and we will be pleased of offer you a week-long pass on us. 

Will everyone be dressed up

Nope. It will vary. Some people have meetings scheduled or have 'office attire' that they like. Others will be in 'Zoom attire' from the waist up. Some of us might still be wandering around in PJs. This is a place where we want you to feel at home. In fact - no need to turn off your video when you eat in the Cafe - think of it like the lunch room. 

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